Owner Immersion

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Our customized retreat training weekends will teach you what you need to know to really connect with your canine friend. It does not matter what problem behavior you are struggling with because the answer is the same. Our dogs are holding energy back from us and that energy is leaking out into the laundry list of problems. During this retreat, we will teach you how to access this energy, so that you can build connection and rapport with your dog that can survive any chaotic situation.


Building Rapport With Your Dog

Learn the foundational building blocks to connect with your dog on a raw organic level. This retreat will teach you the Core Exercises and how to use these exercises to access and channel that which your dog is holding back. Then develop the basic obedience on top of the core work so that your obedience remains intact when you need it the most. Obedience build on top of the core foundation is so strong… you will be more attractive than the most preyful things (squirrels, cats, deer, etc.). Now who doesn't want that from their dog?

This three day retreat will focus heavily on hands-on work with your dog. This retreat is ideal for any type of dog with regard to breed or issues. Whether you are looking for Natural Dog Training in particular or simply searching for a new avenue to help your dog, this retreat is for you. Many people are drawn to NDT because intuitively we know there must be something more.

Outline for the program:

  • Learn what the Core Foundation work is and how to apply it with your dog

  • Shape these exercises into your obedience

  • How to work with reactivity, anxiety or any specific behavior problem

  • Theory that dives deep into the canine mind and perspective.

  • Develop the skills of how to ready canine body Language

  • Daily Individualized work and assessment with your particular dog

  • You will learn how to really Reach your dog!

    Cost: $600 ($200 deposit with full payment the week before retreat)

Location : 912 Charlton Road, Schenectady NY 12302. Set on 20 acres of wooded trails and open field, our days will be spent at the home of one of our fellow trainers.

Program Details: We can provide housing for your dog during the day, while you are on site. We have crates and indoor/outdoor kennels to safely house your dog. However, overnight lodging is not provided. Here are a few hotel options that allow dogs. We will be both inside and outside so dress accordingly.

Come join us in speaking the Canine Language!

Save the date Nov 16th-17th, Mar 28th-29th, Apr 25th-26th, May30th-31st!!

These will be full information packed days. Also there will be a free Friday evening session with the trainers.


Owner Emersion Retreats