Apprenticeship Program

Already a dog trainer? Looking to become one? Our customized, intimate and personalized training retreat sessions will teach you what you need to know to really connect with your canine friends and build a sustainable business. As you learn the theory and methodology of Natural Dog Training, you will also learn how to find your identity as a dog trainer and build a business to reflect your authenticity. You will work with all types of dogs, from friendly to difficult to understand and appreciate the true nature of the dog. So lets roll up our sleeves and begin!


What Makes Our Program Special?

It has taken us years to learn how to be successful and sustainable trainers. There are many skills good trainers rely on to connect with his or her community and clientele. Over the past decade we have watched talented trainers come and go because they lack two things: a supportive community and the business skills.. This program will teach you more than how to train dogs. We aim to to prepare you for the training world by teaching and sharing all the collectivized knowledge that has enabled us to have a long and successful training careers. During your apprenticeship, you will connect with established NDT trainers, network, learn how to build a business, find your specialty all while diving into the rich theory and application of Natural Dog Training.

Program Structure and Outline

  • Completion of 6 training retreats. Each retreat is 3 days long. Schedule at your own convenience and pace. You can complete in 6 months or 1 year!

  • Private Facebook Study Program to continue to learn, stay connected, upload your own video footage for feedback and watch workshops designed by established NDT trainers.

  • We encourage you to bring your dog and take your dog through the process or work with our demo dogs.

  • Crates and indoor/outdoor kennels are available to house your dog during the day

  • Lunch and some dinners are included during your retreat.

  • Housing is not provided. We are working on providing you with local hotels.

  • If a group learning environment is not for you, we offer private study. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  • Location - 912 Charlton Rd (Schenectady, NY 12302

  • Cost - $5,300 (more advanced courses available)


This program will teach you:

  • The theory and application of Natural Dog Training

  • Keven Behan’s revolutionary 5 Core Exercise Protocol for building rapport with dogs

  • How to morph the 5 Core into Obedience that does not break down

  • How to apply this theory to specific behavior problems

  • How to read canine body language for play, safety, well-being and bite potential

  • Puppy raising and training

  • How to conduct assessments and run lessons

  • Ultimately you are going to learn how to really Reach a dog….

The program includes business and community building opportunities:

  • Mentoring and networking with established trainers

  • Intimate, individualized and personalized retreat setting

  • Finding and nurturing your specialty

  • Cultivating clientele and connecting with your clientele

  • The opportunity to join our membership program upon completion to receive continued support and mentoring as you begin your training journey.

Group Setting not really for you? That's ok we have Private Study.

  • This will consist of 20 days shadowing a current trainer. We prefer these days are not consecutive so that you have time in-between to practice and absorb. However, we are flexible (exceptions will definitely be made for abroad trainers).

  • With this you will get to see the fast paced environment of an NDT dog trainer.

  • You will have access to the Private Facebook Study Group and all of the recorded body language and website building Tutorials

  • You will get to see how we use Dog Body Language to read dog on dog interaction, as well as dog on human interactions.

  • Private Study gives you the opportunity to get one-on-one feedback in the moment from the trainers.

    Cost $7,300

    Certificate of Completion Along with a seal to place on your website for either Group or Private Study.

    Training Retreats Save the dates: October 25th-27th, Nov 22nd-24th, Dec 13th-15th

    Retreats will resume after winter beginning in April. During the winter you will remain connected to us in the online group practicing and studying.


In Depth Apprenticeship Program


Continuing Education Programs coming soon for Apprenticeship Graduates

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Rehabilitation - Aggression - Anxiety

Continue to Learn…. This secondary program is all about learning the steps of rehabilitating a dog with trauma. This is where we will dive deep into the trauma a dog carries every day. We will show you how to help them overcome their fears and get back to puppyhood. This leaves the dog feeling well, and you feeling like you have helped them become grounded at last.

Certificate of Completion

After You Graduate Let Us Help You….


Upon graduation, continue to receive coaching & support through our Facebook group or Kevin’s Subscription Group.

Also let us help you with Marketing, Branding, and Website building. Ask us today!!