Natural Dog Training is about establishing emotional rapport as a basis for training

“There’s so much emphasis today on giving dogs mental stimulation, physical exercise, play dates, hiking groups, and tons of early and on-going training, but what is getting lost in all this activity is the notion of emotional rapport. Rapport isn’t trained or learned, it is developed. In the canine mind, rapport emerges by being part of a team. I call my method “Natural” because it understands the dog’s nature as a group hunter. A dog doesn’t work for pride in accomplishment, to earn respect from a leader, praise, rewards or even play or positive experiences. A dog wants to be part of a team. Everything in a dog’s life is secondary to this social drive. If a dog doesn’t have rapport, he has problems.” -Kevin Behan



Our Mission as the Next Generation is to continue the legacy of Kevin Behan in Dog Training.  With his wisdom and our ability we can together rehabilitate dogs with trauma, teach puppy raising techniques that create adaptability and resilience, and help so that people better understand the HEART of the dog.


owner Training Retreats

This is an opportunity for you to learn how to connect with your dog on a core level. Build a bond that can not be broken!

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Board and Train Program

Need extra help with your dog? Send your dog on a vacation with us! We teach them the ropes in the first weeks. Then we teach you how to really connect with them. Sounds great, right?



Ready to take the next step? Become a Natural Dog Trainer, or just learn the theory to help you build a strong connection with your own dog.